Dachshund Training Tips

Published: 22nd August 2010
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Before you start looking for Dachshund training tips you need to have a clear understanding of what you are wanting to achieve. You have got to formulate a training program based on the skills your dog needs to possess. Dachshunds are smart dogs, but watch out, don't fall into the trap of thinking that they are as clever as you and understand all you do. Your Dachshund wants to be accepted into your family more than anything else. Bearing this in mind, always use positive training techniques and never use physical punishment.

Necessary Dachshund Training Tips

There might be lots of behaviors you plan to teach your Dachshund, but before doing so you need to work on core skills.

Crate Training - Dachshunds usually like crates. They see them as their "home", a place that they can withdraw to and feel protected in.. Crate training can aid with potty training, reducing unwanted barking, anxiety and chewing/destruction of your property.

Training to Walk on a Leash - Starting the day you obtain your Dachshund you must to start teaching them to walk on a slack leash. Dachshunds may be small in stature but as with any dog, they can become excited and pull on the lead. If your Dachshund pulls on the leash simply stop walking and wait until they stop tugging, turn round and come towards you. Once the lead is relaxed you begin moving again, stopping each time you feel the lead go tight. Dachshunds are smart dogs and it won't take much to learn that pulling stops their walk, where a slack leash lets it keep going.

Alpha Status - Amongst the main Dachshund training tips is to make sure that you have the alpha place in your "pack". All too often dogs take over the alpha site which can spell trouble. Bear in mind, your Dachshund is a dog not a person, and doesn't understand what you say or know what you want. You must show that you are in control and are pack leader. As soon as your Dachshund acknowledges this they will feel at ease and relaxed, knowing they will be safe.

Obedience Training - Training your Dachshund at home is important, but equally so is getting Dachshund training tips from an obedience training class. Classes vary from beginner to advanced and as well as giving an opportunity to socialize your Dachshund and teach behaviors, show owners how to gain, and maintain, their status as alpha pack leader.

Consistency - Consistency is the common thread linking all Dachshund training tips. Dachshunds are clever and swift learners, but they still learn through duplication. For a skill or behavior to become consistent and repeatable you, and anyone who lives with you, have to be fair-minded and reliable with your training. Initially training may be tough, but the benefits in the long run is well worth it.

Using these basic Dachshund training tips you will build a robust relationship and firm foundation with your Dachshund, on which you can develop more complex skills and behaviors.

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