Dachshund Aggression

Published: 14th October 2010
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Dominance, fear, injury, genetics and disease are all things which could reason Dachshund aggression. You have to deal with Dachshund aggression as soon as you see it, no matter what the underlying cause. Failing to deal with Dachshund aggression could be devastating for both you and your dog.

Causes of Dachshund Aggression

Dachshunds who are still with their mothers may well show aggression. One way to foil Dachshund aggression is to make sure your puppy is well socialized with people and other dogs. It is during this socialization time which your Dachshund will work out from its litter mates about behaviors like dominance and biting. Getting used to being touched by people lets your Dachshund know that it's Okay to relax around people.

Incidents of Dachshund aggression can be triggered by several factors. Genetics can play a role in Dachshund aggression, but you shouldn't presume which this is always true. Intact dogs are also more possibly to show aggressive tendencies, one of several fantastic reasons why your Dachshund should be neutered. Dachshund aggression is usually the outcome of something in their environment. Signs of aggression are more frequently seen in Dachshunds that have been poorly socialized

If you have a number of Dachshunds you can see some aggression linked to pack position. Your Dachshunds will possibly test other dogs to see if they may well move up the pack hierarchy. This aggression may take a few forms including biting, body language, and challenging. It is vital which from the day you get your Dachshund you make it understandable that you are household leader, keeping this position throughout your dogs life. Failure to do so may result in your Dachshund taking over as leader, which may be disastrous and lead to aggression towards you and other pack members.

How to Resolve Dachshund Aggression

If your Dachshund is an adult and unexpectedly becomes aggressive you need to take direct action. When thinking about Dachshund aggression think, are you leader of the pack or is your Dachshund? Are you rewarding bad behavior, making the problem worse?

Teach your Dachshund the essential commands sit, come and heel, letting them know that you are their pack leader. When your Dachshund has eaten, remove their bowl. When you go out for a walk make sure you leave and enter the house first, and that your Dachshund is trained to walk on a loose leash, not tugging ahead of you.

There are kinds of aggression which you should always get expert help to treat. Perhaps the most significant is fear aggression, where your Dachshund may bite when they feel afraid. If you have children, keep in mind they may well be at risk from an aggressive Dachshund who could perceive them as a threat and bite. In these situations you should seek the help of a dog trainer or behaviorist who can work with you to deal with your dogs particular problem.

Dachshund aggression is a problem lots of owners live through. It is something which may be deal with and corrected, even in grown dogs. Many times, the best way is to get the help of a professional, to stop the problem before it reaches the stage where your Dachshund is attacking people or other dogs and you can be held liable.

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